About Us

BullseyeEngagement is a leading global provider of cloud-based human capital development software solutions. Our solutions suite helps organizations nurture their people talent “from hire to retire”. PeopleTrackerTM is our proprietary solution that enables organizations to maintain talent profiles in a data base of both employees and non-employees and to use this data to identify “best fits” to meet their talent placement needs.

All Bullseye solutions are designed with users in mind, so there are no forms to fill out and users navigate to their desired feature in only a couple of clicks. Customers love our software because it is entirely modular, highly configurable and quickly deployed. Users can subscribe only to functions that they need immediately and can easily add on features later as their talent management and development initiatives evolve. External consultants are not needed to implement Bullseye software, so the cost to begin using our solutions is easily manageable.

Bullseye began in 2010 with a single Performance Management application designed by our founder, Adeel Zaidi.  Since then, inspired and guided by both our customers and the highly experienced HR executives on our Advisory Board, we have expanded our suite of solutions to include PeopleTrackerTM; our Talent Development Portal; a Compensation Planning and Management application; BullseyeSurveys, which includes Pulse Surveys and Employee Engagement Surveys; and custom developed Business Intelligence Dashboards

Our Vision

To facilitate organizations staying connected and engaged with their employees, contractors, consultants and alumni.

Remember that former employee who did such an outstanding job for you
a couple of years ago?

You have a project with his/her name written all over it.

Where is s/he now?

  • Manage Existing Talent Resource Pools Accurately and Efficiently!
  • No more relying on memory or searching through stale data.
  • Quickly identify qualified candidates who have proven history with your company.
  • Current Employees
  • Former Employees/Alumni
  • Independent Contractors
  • Agency Temporaries
  • Seasonal Workers
  • Volunteers
  • Identify the best internal candidates for open positions
  • Build project teams with qualified employees from various offices or geographical locations
  • Utilize independent contractors or temporaries for contingency staffing needs
  • Reconnect with candidates needed for seasonal or volunteer opportunities
  • Maintain a data base of valued alumni for social, networking, and celebration events
  • Build a “member” data base that can include current employees, former employees, contractors, temporaries, and volunteers
  • Vet applicants before including in database
  • Match job requirements of open positions to member profiles
  • Compare required position competencies to employee’s/member’s validated competencies
  • Rank member “best fits” for open positions
  • Customize member fields as needed
  • Give members access to update certain portions of their profile – contact information, availability, status, etc.
  • Review and authorize entries before loading to system

Manage your people resources proactively and expertly